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Dr. Claudia Gonzalez
Principal Investigator

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I obtained a Bachelor in Psychology from the National Autonomus University of Mexico (UNAM). I have a M.Sc and a Ph.D in Neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge. My graduate work focused on characterizing behavioural and structural changes associated with brain injury, plasticity and recovery of function.


During my postdoctoral studies at the University of Western Ontario I worked on projects related to human perception and action. I joined the University of Lethbridge in 2009 as a Canada Research Chair (renewed in 2014). My research in healthy and neurological populations is aimed at understanding sensorimotor integration and control, cognitive and motor interactions, and development of sensorimotor functions.

Lara Coelho
PhD Candidate

Her research focuses on body model distortions in healthy populations. She is specifically interested in uncovering how the body model is altered following training/experience. As well as the role vision and haptics play in the formation of this body representation.

Nicole van Rootselaar
PhD Candidate

Her primary research interest revolves around understanding the connection between motor development and higher cognitive outcomes in young children. 

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Jarrod Blinch, PhD

Postdoctoral Training 

Thesis/Project Title: The contributions of the left and right hemispheres to bimanual grasping

Present Position: Assistant Professor Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, United States

Natalie de Bruin,PhD

Postdoctoral Training 

Thesis/Project Title: Assessing visuospatial abilities in healthy aging: a novel visuomotor task

Presentation Position: Currently Instructor III at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Jason Flindall, PhD

Thesis/Project Title: Evidence for right-handed feeding biases in a left-handed population

Present Position: Postdoc at University of British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada

Kayla Stone, M.Sc.

Thesis/Project Title: Vision and haptics : how sensorimotor interactions influence grasping

Present Position: PhD Utrecht University, Netherlands

Scott Stone, M.Sc.

Thesis/Project Title: Using auditory augmented reality to understand visual scenes

Present Position: PhD Candidate University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada

Kris Cormier, M.Sc.

Thesis/Project Title: Grasping Perception with Weber's Law

Mariel Rodríguez, M.Sc.

Thesis/Project Title: The nature of the object mediates conscious perception: evidence from reaction time

Present Position: Research Assistant, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Frank Robertson, M.Sc.

Thesis/Project Title: Music and executive function in adolescents

Present Position: Graduate Program Clinical Psychology, Pacific University, Portland, Oregon

Daniela Aguilar M.Sc.

Thesis/Project Title: An investigation on the Development of Visuospatial Abilities using Hands-on Tasks

Present Position: Research Assistant, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Honours Undegraduate Students

Jordie Visser

Thesis/Project Title: Use of Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound to track hemisphere

dominance of spatial and language abilities

Present Position: Graduate Student-Physiotherapy

Mackenzie Lawson 

Thesis/Project Title:Does Hand Preference for Grasping Vary as a Function of Task?

Quinn Johnsson 

Thesis Project Title: Concussion and fear of injury

Present Position: Graduate Student- Kinesiology

Clarissa Beke

Thesis/Project Title: Interactions of speech and grasping

Present Position: Graduate Student-Physiotherapy

Kayla Hauck

Thesis/Project Title: Effects of physical activity of executive function

Present Position: Graduate Student-Physiotherapy

Bailey Way

Thesis/Project Title: Investigating the relationship between language and hand use

Nicole van Rootselaar

Thesis/Project Title: The Multi-Dimensional Interaction of Speech and Grasping

Present Position: PhD Candidate- Neuroscience

Sara Codd 

Thesis/Project Title:The Effects of Concussion on Cognition and Fine Motor Control

Devon Bryant 

Thesis/Project Title: Spatial Biases in Visually Guided Grasping

Jessica Kress 

Thesis/Project Title: Assessing use of workspace for healthy individuals in reaching and grasping tasks.

Nolan Murley 

Thesis/Project Title: Language task dependent hemispheric lateralization

Katherine Odland 

Thesis/Project Title:Hemispheric Asymmetries in a Spatial Task

Kayla Stone 

Thesis/Project Title: The Visual and Haptic Influences of Grasping

Kelly Mills 

Thesis/Project Title: Interaction of the two visual systems in a grasping task

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